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Social Media Toolkit

Sharing your story and the stories of others are the best way to bring more awareness to others about Lynch syndrome.  Utilize any of the tools below on your own social media.

And don't forget to tag us and use the #IamAliveAndKickn and #LivingwithLynch hashtags

Follow us and share our Lynch Syndrome Awareness social media posts.

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Social Media post options

During Hereditary Cancer Week, let’s raise our voices to spread awareness and understanding about hereditary conditions. #HereditaryCancerWeek


Knowledge is power! Let’s spread awareness about Lynch Syndrome and Hereditary Cancer and help people get the genetic testing they need. #HereditaryCancerWeek


Today, we stand with all those affected by Lynch Syndrome. Let’s continue to educate ourselves and others about this condition and work towards early detection and prevention. #HereditaryCancerWeek


Lynch Syndrome is not well known, but we can change that! Let’s use our social media platforms to spread awareness and help those affected. #HereditaryCancerWeek


Today, we recognize Previvor Day and honor those who have been affected by this condition. Let’s work together to spread awareness and support research efforts. #HereditaryCancerWeek


Lynch syndrome is more common than you may think. Join us today to raise awareness and help others learn about their risk. #HereditaryCancerWeek #KnowYourRisk"


With Lynch syndrome, early detection is key. Take the first step and learn about your risk. Together, we can manage this condition and protect our health. #HereditaryCancerWeek #EarlyDetection

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