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Colon Cancer Coalition and AliveAndKickn announce collaborative relationship

As a part of the combined efforts, each organization will work to help expand the reach of the other. AliveAndKickn is invited to have a presence at all upcoming Get Your Rear in Gear® and Tour de Tush® events produced by the Colon Cancer Coalition, and the two organizations will work together to educate the public about Lynch syndrome and other hereditary cancer conditions. The first project the two are on partnering on is a Twitter Chat on Tuesday, September 25, at Noon Eastern, sponsored by Merck. Follow @GYRIG or @ALIVEANDKICKNDD and the hashtag #CRCGenetics to be a part of the conversation.

“We look forward to this relationship with AliveAndKickn as we work to prevent  colorectal cancer and increase screening,” says Anne Carlson, president of the Colon Cancer Coalition. “By having AliveAndKickn as our go-to genetic resource, specifically for Lynch syndrome, we are able to focus our efforts on increasing access to screening and early detection for this preventable cancer."

“We have always firmly supported the screening and prevention messages developed by the Colon Cancer Coalition which we will now be able to do on a much larger scale,” adds Robin Dubin, executive director of AliveAndKickn. “Through our collaboration with the Colon Cancer Coalition, AliveAndKickn will now have an increased opportunity to engage the colorectal cancer community at large with Lynch syndrome education and the importance of knowing your family history.”

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