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  • Robin Dubin

The New AliveAndKick'n

AliveAndKick’n, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to families impacted by Lynch syndrome, has recently undergone a rebranding effort to better reflect its mission and values. The organization, which has been active for the past 10 years, has evolved and grown, and the new branding is an opportunity to showcase this growth.

The new logo is a visual representation of what AliveAndKick’n has come to represent - Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer condition that impacts families with a variety of cancer types. The DNA helix, imposed on the family graphic, serves as a nod to the genetic basis of the condition. The rainbow of colors used in the logo represents the variety of at-risk cancers associated with Lynch syndrome.

The decision to rebrand was not taken lightly. AliveAndKick’n recognizes the importance of maintaining consistency and brand recognition, but also acknowledges that a refresh was necessary. The organization has come a long way since its inception, and its branding should reflect this growth. The new logo serves as a visual representation of the organization’s values, mission, and accomplishments.

For those who may not be familiar with Lynch syndrome, the new branding is an opportunity to learn more about the condition and the work that AliveAndKick’n is doing to support those impacted by it. The vibrant colors and the DNA helix serve as a striking visual representation of Lynch syndrome, and the importance of genetic testing and family history when it comes to cancer prevention and treatment.

AliveAndKick’n’s decision to rebrand and create a new logo is a testament to its commitment to growing and evolving as an organization. The new logo represents the organization’s core values and mission, while also raising awareness about Lynch syndrome and the importance of genetic testing and family history. The new branding is an opportunity for the organization to continue its important work and to reach new audiences.

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