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AliveAndKickn Initiates use of GeneFAX™ to Enhance Education for the Lynch Syndrome Community

AliveAndKickn and OptraHEALTH partner to educate Lynch Syndrome patients globally.

San Jose, CA, October 05, 2020: OptraHEALTH has partnered with AliveAndKickn, a Lynch Syndrome hereditary cancer advocacy organization to implement the GeneFAX™ KnowledgeBOT on the AliveAndKickn website to help educate and make a difference in the lives of the individuals with Lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome is a genetic condition that increases a person's risk for certain cancers. It is the most common inherited cause of colorectal and endometrial cancers. 1 in 279 individuals has a Lynch syndrome genetic mutation affecting millions of individuals worldwide.

AliveAndKickn develops educational programming for the Lynch syndrome community by providing information about the science, research, treatment, and care of Lynch patients and aims to take that to the next level with GeneFAX™. GeneFAX™ provides a transformative way in which individuals access information with the GeneFAX™ chatbot. Users can ask their questions about their condition, genes, treatment options, the risk to other family members, genetic testing, and more. GeneFAX™ understands the user's question by applying natural language understanding and enabling them to access accurate and up to date information quickly and easily.

“By implementing GeneFAX™ we have empowered AliveAndKickn to provide qualitative knowledge to individuals about Lynch Syndrome. Addressing the individual's concerns and reducing apprehension is our primary aim. GeneFAX™ is accessible globally and is always available. GeneFAX™ knowledgebase comprises more than 1M QAs allowing individuals to get any information about genetic health. instantly.,” said Dr. Ashwin Kotwaliwale, Medical Director at OptraHEALTH.

"Partnering with OptraHEALTH to bring the GeneFAX™ to those affected by Lynch syndrome enables us to further our mission to educate and support the community and help them manage their care," said Robin Dubin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of AliveAndKickn.

About OptraHEALTH:

OptraHEALTH is focused on improving outcomes for consumers and leading Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations by utilizing our next-generation Artificial Intelligence Platform. OptraHEALTH’s flagship product GeneFAX™ is an AI-powered Knowledge Platform for Genetic Health and is available as a Web Plugin or Mobile application.

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About AliveAndKickn:

AliveAndKickn’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by Lynch Syndrome and associated cancers through research, education, and screening. To read more, please visit the AliveAndKickn website. Follow us: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Media Inquiries Contacts:

For Optra Health:

Dr. Ashwin Kotwaliwale | Product Manager | OptraHEALTH | ashwin@optraventures.com

For AliveAndKickn:

Robin Dubin | Co-Founder and Executive Director | AliveAndKickn | robin@aliveandkickn.org

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