Host an AliveAndKickathon

While we are working toward having lots of AliveAndKickathons around the country, we understand there may not be one near you anytime soon.  So we have created out newest program, AliveAndKickathon Lite, where you can organize and host your own AliveAndKickathon near you.  Here is how it works:

Anyone can step up and be the coordinator, coach, team captain, teammate, student, or just some guy who plays soccer with a bunch of other guys on Sunday morning. 

Your AliveAndKickathon Lite can be a regular game on your schedule, a tournament game, or you can pick a 2-3 hour time period and find a field available. 

Once you have your date and time, you need to go to our Calendar page and set up the event, just click the link that says, "Host your own AliveAndKickathon."

After that it is easy, you have two goals. 

1.) to get the word out to as many teammates and potential players as possible.  They will all need to RSVP/Register for your event on the AliveAndKickn website.  If the AliveAndKickathon Lite is a regular game on your team's schedule, be sure to reach out to the opposing team to get their buy in and have them participate and fundraise as well.

2.) to get the word out to fundraise.  On your personal profile page here on the AliveAndKickn website, you can set your own personal fundraising goal in your setting page.  You can also use the "Spread the Word" page to share your event and fundraising requests via Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

All teams who raise in total and average of more then $25 per person will get a bag of AliveAndKickn swag including our drawstring soccer bag, bracelet and performance shirt.  Consider purchasing bracelets or t-shirts in our Store, to distribute to you big supporters.



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