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D.A. and Liz Wallach are passionate supporters of research in Lynch syndrome and preventive genomics more broadly. When Liz's mother received simultaneous colorectal and endometrial cancer diagnoses in 2013, it was a total surprise to the family, and a double-whammy when Liz then discovered that these cancers were genetically-driven and that she too bore a Lynch mutation. Always an optimist, Liz embraced her genome and implement a preventive regimen to ensure that she would not suffer from the future surprise of an advanced cancer herself. D.A. is a rock musician and technology investor, and Liz's experience emboldened him to focus actively on investing in life sciences, and in particular, in technologies that might enable cures to genetic diseases like Lynch. D.A. and Liz are inspired by AliveAndKickn's work to bring together the community of Lynch patients, survivors and previvors alike, and know that as a group, we have the power to advance real cures and next generation diagnostics that will improve the quality of our lives.

D.A. and Liz Wallach